About Us

CYM Inc. is located in Markham, Ontario, and was established in 1988. The Company has many diverse operations, but its mainstream operation is the designing and manufacturing of custom made high technology equipment. It has an in-house technological research and development facility. Combining with all of our experiences and facility capabilities enable us to develop and produce of every innovation to meet the industrial standard.

Innovation of our products are included:

  • CompuLathe and CompuMill CNC Retrofit System for manual operating machine
  • Custom Controls
  • CymDrill Machine for PCB holes drilling
  • CymScan PMT Drum Scanner for Printing and Graphics Industrial

To ensure consistent production of high-quality products, we only select the best electronic and mechanical parts to incorporate into the design and manufacturing of our cutting-edge innovations.

Our mission is to perform the highest standards both professionally and technically of our innovation. We focus on continuous improvement for adapting the changing demands of the industries.

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