CNC Retrofit System

Precise Machining...

Prevent Man-made Errors...

Increase Productivity...

The CompuLathe and CompuMill CNC Retrofit systems can be installed onto a manual lathe or milling machine to transform it into a CNC machine. The CNC Retrofit System provides +/- 0.0002" positioning control capacity that allows you to perform precise machining jobs. Easy-to-use and programmable machining software is designed for every operator; you don't have to be a skilled machinist to carry out precise work. The Visual Reference System, included with the machining software, can prevent man-made errors. Whether it is to increase productivity or for quality enhancement, the CompuLathe and CompuMill CNC Retrofit System can meet your requirements.

The system includes an artificial intelligence GUI, PC computer with an integrated control system, heavy duty AC brushless servo motors and high accuracy linear glass scales. The system is designed primarily for a PC based architecture that runs on WindowsTM 98, WindowsTM XP and WindowsTM 2000 operating systems.

The design concept of CompuLathe and CompuMill is the coordination of the XY axis in relation to the work piece. CompuLathe takes the centre point of the y-axis at the centre of the work piece. This helps eliminate complex calculations on repositioning of the cutting to any target position.

We used Closed Loop Velocity and Position Feedback technology to monitor and precisely control the acceleration, deceleration and positional feedback of the machine. A custom designed PLD is built for high speed data exchange among the PC, the linear scales and the motors. Two MCUs of multi processor dominate each axis, which are able to increase speed and stability to enhance performance.

The linear scales that are used are high precision measuring devices; they can emit a signal with a +/- 0.0002" accuracy and transmit those measurements to the control system. The AC brushless servo motors are heavy duty motors able to generate high torque. Hence, there will be enough capacity to activate multiple axes in synchronized movement.

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